Photography: Liselotte Fleur

Assistant photography: Klaudia Molenda

Styling & Design: Lauren Kalkdijk

Make-up & hair: Yazmin van Beek

Models: Nour & Juliette represented by Ulla Models.

A modern odyssey

Photography: Angela Huizer

Assistent photography: Jelle Draper

Styling & Lay-out: Lauren Kalkdijk

Make-up & hair: Yazmin van Beek

Model: Milou represented by Max Models Rotterdam

That RED hot kinda LOVE STORY

Photography: Rachel Schraven

Styling: Lauren Kalkdijk

Make-up & hair: Naheed Yawar

Model: Amber represented by Micha Models

Nordic Arctic

Coeur de pirate

Photography: Dilani Butink

Styling: Lauren Kalkdijk

Make-up: Joyce Pietrzak

Hair Stylist: Marije de Velde

Model: Hiukwan Chung

Glam Goth

Photography: Robin van der Schaft

Styling: Lauren Kalkdijk

Make-up & hair: Joyce Pietrzak

Model: Rebekka respresented by Max Models Rotterdam

Summer of '16

Photography: Jeroen van Lelieveld

Styling & Lay-out: Lauren Kalkdijk

Make-up: Visious Academy

Hair: Julliette van den Ouden

Models: Angela represented by Future Faces & Julia represented by TulipModels

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