About me

Do you remember how the matter of your future profession was built upon dreams and idealic imagination. 

Well, to me, it remained exactly the same. 

I have been passionate about fashion since I was a very little and very stubborn child.

But as I grew older and in some very rare way wiser, I found out that there were so many different branches of fashion to choose between, that I simply chose not to choose.

Why not combine all of my passions and ambitions on one very particular platform? I simply couldn't understand why I would spend 4 years of my life reading books and listening to stories that had been told over and over again. 

Instead of living that life; the one the stories in the books were based upon. 

So I decided to combine my greatest passions: Fashion styling, fashion design, writing, music, art and traveling.

And I very much hope you like what you see!

Peace and love,


Fashion Styling

Lauren Kalkdijk is a fashion stylist based in Amsterdam.

She is qualified in trend analysing, commercial styling, personal styling, fashion history, has a very comprehensive knowledge and a very visual understanding of concepts. 

Next to that, she also knows how an editorial can be strenghtend by lay-outs, titles and storytelling.

For her work go to the pages: Portfolio & Publications.

coming soon: Hanyauku

When Lauren was 16 years old and freshly graduated from High School, she left the Netherlands for the South of France.

For 10 months she studied French in Nice and spent almost every day on the beaches of the Côte D'Azur.

It was then when she realized how hard it was to find a bikini with character. 

Since summers in the Netherlands last about one day, a bikini wasn't really the most important piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

When she came back from France, the 1st of June in 2014, she was determined to find the perfect bikini. 

She failed.

But that surely didn't stop her from wearing the perfect bikini! She just had to make it herself.

As she started sketching and sewing she got inspired by the iconic movie "The Blue Lagoon" with her alltime muze Brooke Shields.

The very next day, a pair of shells came in.

After 10 layers of paint, handmade crochet bands, and filling the shells up with a cup and lining, she hit the beach!

From the moment she took of her dress and laid down in the sand, people started pointing and whispering, and about 2 minutes later, the first costumer bought the bikini top she was wearing for a very decent price and left her with nothing but two white shell shaped marks...

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